Sturenkatu Bridge. In the middle, the HM bakery at Sturenkatu 16 during the 1930s.

Helsingin Meijeriliike, also known as HM, erected its first building in 1932. The plot was initially leased, then later purchased, gradually expanding to encompass the entire city block. The buildings grew in tandem. HM had a chain of dairy stores throughout Helsinki, where they sold products from their own bakery. The bakery was known for being an excellent producer of a traditional Finnish dessert “mämmi”, among other things. The initials later changed to the business name “Hyvä Maku” (Good Taste), and in the 1960s, Marian Konditoria was added. The delightful scent of pastries wafting from there was so tempting that sometimes people had to stop by on their way to work or school to buy a donut or a sweet roll.

In the 1990s, when they began constructing a TV building on the site, they wanted to preserve a part of the past in the cityscape. The 1930s are represented by the Sturenkatu facade with its chimneys, and the 1950s by the lower part of Teollisuuskatu 11. The style and materials of the new section also follow the same design. Construction company YIT renovated the premises to their current state in 2021.